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International music production based in Inhambane, Moçambique

In November 2011 the band drove up to Quelimane, where we met the local band “Tudúlus”, we knew them as the had won the Crossroads Festival in Inhambane 2 years ago. Great Guys. Also starring Enrique on some wicked Blues-tunes we enjoyed very much playin in Zambezia. 2 concerts in Hotel Choabe, one in the Pizzaria Caminhos de Ferro, and one on the way back in Vilankulo, Manito´s Afro Bar. Great adventure, amzing quantity of beer and whiskey. Laka Laka, o estrago total.


Oktober 27th, 2011

Positivo and UNICEF

Recording with Inhambane’s best voices in Studio Bom Dia. “Eu nao tenho medo”, Re-Gravacao para UNICEF


Oktober 26th, 2011


A ideia do projecto é simples:

No Studio Bom Dia são gravadas as pistas vocais de varias artistas nacionais. As gravações das vozes junto com o compasso definido são entregues a productores em todo mundo, que elaboram remixes (versões) deles. Como resultado temos uma variedade de versões diferentes de músicas sendo nascido duma ideia musical dum artista moçambicano.

Vamos publicar um disco em Inhambane no ano 2012 contendo as melhores versões das melhores músicas dos melhores artistas…..

No momento temos 11 artistas e 25 productores trabalhando com o material….e ainda podem participar contactado nosso email

um video de promoção foi filmado em Áustria…

o link da website do projecto onde se pode ouvir exemplos de remixes, e das pistas originais….:

_MG_9627 copy
_MG_9632 copy

Antonio I met in the morning near the Central Market in Inhambane. He had just come from his home in Cumbana and arrived in town to make some coins playing music for whoever pays a few meticais. In one hand he was carrying an acoustical steel string guitar that had 3 strings missing, in the other hand a bass drum made out of animal skins and a metal barrel.

Without knowing what type of music i could expect I invited him to the studio on the next day, called Nazir, my producer trainee and told him there was something going on. From the first second on that Antonio played his music, we knew that this is special. This voice, this outfit, those instruments, his shy behaviour…  Now we try to set up a band supporting him. Drums, bass at least, amplify this guy, he plays wonderfully… On the recording he plays a Crafter steel string from the studio to make it a bit easier, it has 6 strings.

Listen to 2 demos recordings we made. 2 out of 8 in one hour…

Antonio João Matsinge Song 1

Antonio João Matsinge Song 7

IMG_3374 copy

Young and big talent from Inhambane, Silvino…

Silvino – Sonhar.mp3

April 27th, 2011

Jose Vilankulo

After a long recording day I went for a beer in Gilo Market in Inhambane. It must have been 0:00h when Jose Vilankulo passed in company of his friend.

I called them and asked them to play. It was amazing, what i heard. We arranged for a recording session on the next day. Studio Bom Dia, Inhambane, 24th of March 2011


listen to 2 of the songs of Jose Vilankulo: song 2, song 5

Click on the link to be taken to Falko´s MOZI BREWS page and enjoy the new video…


laka laka flyer 110126
skem kem the next flyer

März 1st, 2011

Turbodeli Turboshow

100919 laka laka kwabass bar

September 17th, 2010

Studio Bom Dia Training program

The training program is approved. 15 future music producers will be trained in the month of October to run Studio
Bom Dia, Inhambane in shift-time… UNESCO likes the idea and is putting in some funds to purchase equipment for the big hall and aswell for two workstations in the Studio…a call for the selection for participants will come during September…stay tuned…

vendetta_studio01_10_06 095
100918 laka laka xitende

Week from 3rd to 9th August 2010, Helio and Roland went for a job for SEED Project of Vilankulo’s CARE in the districts of Guvurro, Vilankulo and Mabote. Several songs and radio jingles for the program “Focus – economicos e sustentaveis” were recorded. The groups working with SEED are from a wide range of activities, including cashew production, cattle farming, basket production and money saving.