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International music production based in Inhambane, Moçambique

culture and recording at the frontiers – a  studio at the roots of music



Bom Dia Studio is situated in the historical and picturesque town of Inhambane, arguably Mozambique´s premiere cultural mixing pot, with virgin palm lined beaches stretching along the coast. Imagine yourself finally off the beaten track at African roots level where creativity is always bubbling under the surface. The studio location, mood and philosophy is designed to channel these creative juices and get them flowing in the mix.

In a secure and quiet rural village community on the outskirts of Inhambane town the local characters and recipes abound. Located within an exotic subtropical eco-climate boasting huge African skies and amazing sunsets, the studio is surrounded by coconut, cashew, mango, lemon and avocado trees.

It´s a place where crossing between the colorful mosaic of  African environments and lifestyles is an amazing experience. You might feel like you are miles away from anywhere, however, if you arrive at Inhambane´s internationally connected airport, we can have you in a comfortable chair in the studio within 20 minutes.

Local Network

We understand that when you come to Mozambique as a musical producer or as an artist you want to work with local talents through the studio´s delicately cultivated network of local artists. You can rehearse and record your songs with Mozambican musicians, integrate masters of traditional instruments and sounds, or participate in local workshops to pick up a few techniques yourself. You will find an unbelievable variety of talented singers, dancers and musicians.


Technique, mixer, mics, analog equipment, instruments

A great part of the studio recording equipment consists of high quality analog elements. The heart of the studio is a classic Axmann 48-track desk. We use  UREI compressors, Klein & Hummel studio monitoring, Fender and Hartke guitar and bass amplifiers, KORG keyboards, Neumann, Audio technica , Schoeps microphones, DPD drumset, timbila, percussion instruments, acustic and electric guitars. Harddisc recording software

Sound and aesthetics

With a sum of 120 square meters of recording and mastering space including live room and voice booths, the splayed floor plan of the studio is especially designed for your acoustic needs while offering enough room for a focused and comfortable working environment.

Natural fibers and high quality hard coconut wood, sourced locally, is the main material used in the diffusion and absorption process, giving the studio a truly unique and naturally warm sound. Also the floor is designed using the same grade A coconut wood taken from the extremely hard outside layer of the tree. This environment of natural aesthetics and sound is set off with local batiks and sculptures.

You can also rehears or record on our stage outside. Attached to the studio it gives you a fantastic live feeling in an  open air environment and right under the milky way.

Accomodation, local services and infrastructures

You can choose to stay in our traditional African houses situated right next to the studio, or you can upgrade and stay with one of our partner guest houses or beach lodges. Or for those a little more adventurous, you can pitch a tent in the secure camp area. In any case, we will tailor your experience to suit your needs, desires and budget.

You may either cook for yourself at our in-house kitchen, or experience local cuisine made in the community or eat out at one of the many lodges and restaurants dotted around the area, many of them specialized in preparing daily fresh seafood.

Between sessions, chill out under the coconut trees or have refreshments and the Bom Dia house bar and lounge. If you want a few hours or a day off from recording, there is a huge number of local attractions and activities to experience. Scuba diving has proved to have a great influence on your musical creativity. Luckily, you are in one of the best diving spots worldwide, where you are very likely to encounter whale sharks, manta rays and turtles. Inhambane´s beaches also have great surf spots that can be reached within 30 minutes.

Whether you head off to one of the stunning well known spots or you take a walk to the old town or through the mozambican village, you will for sure feel the inspiration flowing and growing.

For all of your transportation needs, car rental, 24hr taxi and our shuttle services are available.

Live performance and recording

We encourage all our visiting artists to get perform if the feel like it. Whether you fancy playing within the local African community or performing to a more cosmopolitan audience in the touristic places like Tofo and Barra. If that’s the case, Bom Dia will be happy to manage the logistics to give you an extraordinary experience. We can also organize gigs in great venues a little further afield, including the capital city Maputo, as well as locations in  Swaziland and South Africa. In any place our mobile studio team will capture your performance.

Video production

Whether it is to tag along with you on your adventures capturing your cultural experiences or for live shows and recording documentation purposes, our excellent local film and editing crew can be reserved.

How to get here

By air: daily flights depart from Maputo and Johannesburg

By car: the drive from Maputo takes 6-7 hours.




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