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In November 2011 for the very first time I visited Quelimiane, Zambezia province, named after the big river that gave inspiration to hundreds of reggae songs and albums.


Aiming to visit my friend Enrique and carrying a whole car full of sound equipment and the band Laka Laka we arrived there after 2 days of journey in the Dungas car, after driving about 1500 kilometres from Inhambane.
In Quelimane, Enrique told me that tha band we want to meet is the Banda Tudulos and in the same night we met up with them and rehearsed in the Casa de Cultura of Quelimane. What started to be a big friendship gave birth to 3 concerts of Laka Laka and Tudulos together in Quelimane.


Month later Laka Laka got another invitation from Tudulos, this time for attending their concert presentation and playing along with them, presenting their reportoire to most of the public institutions and also companies of Quelimane, the TV and the radio, looking for sponsors to get their band promoted, to record their first album and to become popular outside of Quelimane, where they are without any doubt the number 1 live band.


I was so amazed of what i saw that i told tha band, that if they don´t get any support from others, in any case they will have my support.


So, now, after spending 10 days in our provisory studio in Jilo Market in Inhambane, I have to admit that I am really happy about what we have created. Only the rough mixes themselves sound fantastic ! The plan is to get a high quality mixdown done, and have the record ready to publish, including a tour inside and outside of Mozambique.
Tudulos rule. They rocked Dinos´s bar on one Saturday like never seen before.




The band members are like brothers and sisters. Not often have I seen such a great group energy like in Tudulos. It will be a fantastic album !!!!

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