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International music production based in Inhambane, Moçambique
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Antonio I met in the morning near the Central Market in Inhambane. He had just come from his home in Cumbana and arrived in town to make some coins playing music for whoever pays a few meticais. In one hand he was carrying an acoustical steel string guitar that had 3 strings missing, in the other hand a bass drum made out of animal skins and a metal barrel.

Without knowing what type of music i could expect I invited him to the studio on the next day, called Nazir, my producer trainee and told him there was something going on. From the first second on that Antonio played his music, we knew that this is special. This voice, this outfit, those instruments, his shy behaviour…  Now we try to set up a band supporting him. Drums, bass at least, amplify this guy, he plays wonderfully… On the recording he plays a Crafter steel string from the studio to make it a bit easier, it has 6 strings.

Listen to 2 demos recordings we made. 2 out of 8 in one hour…

Antonio João Matsinge Song 1

Antonio João Matsinge Song 7

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