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International music production based in Inhambane, Moçambique

All year 2010 we have been working on the big “salão” in the Casa de Cultura de Inhambane with help of funds from UNESCO, a multi purpose hall for many interests of various art directions in Inhambane, mainly visual arts and music. But the principal idea is combining the big hall with the two smaller rooms beside to create a space that can be used for music recording and training of studio technicians.


Paul McKeon, constructor from England has been responsible for the structural modifications in all of the 3 rooms. While the big hall needed a new floor, a new roof, rehabilitation of walls, doors and windows, the two smaller rooms only lacked of repairs in the roof and techniques for sound absorbtion and reflection. With the help of many interested future users of the studio we concentrated our work in February and March to got the 2 smaller rooms of the studio running. We used mainly local materials (steiras, coco fibres, wood) to achieve a good quality sound for rehearsing and recording. Click here to get some ideas about how we worked it out. Thanks to all the helpers, in first place: Stellio, Aniceto, Max Kamenar, Paul, Mafana Vanga, Zunguza, Lobo…


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    […] to him also for helping in the rehabilitation process in the Casa de Cultura in Inhambane (see here). Listen to the song on bottom of this post.    Standard Podcast [4:25m]: Play Now | […]

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