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International music production based in Inhambane, Moçambique

During May 2010 we started recording a new album with the Band “Etyu Kethu” from Inhambane. They are the prime timbila and dance group that rehearse almost every day in the Casa Provincial de Cultura de Inhambane, where also Studio Bom Dia is situated. Doing track by track recording the result is a very powerful mixture of african drums, mozambican timbila and traditional voice performances. Videos must be edited after the conclusion of the recordings in July 2010 in order to capture the strong dance performance of our favourite ladies from the Casa de Cultura. For sure this recording is for international market, as it shows pure mozambican culture and high quality sound recording.

After finishing our work, mp3 examples will be available here on Guten Tag Verlag / Studio Bom Dia.


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