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First concert in original line-up and many other musicians since 2 years….

Turbodeli in a new style

“DolBEE-Sorround show”


Foto: Petra Rautenstrauch

(see Positivo Homepage).
We set up for recording Positivo in Bom Dia Studio 1. Aim was getting together our ideas and first tracks for the new Positivo Album, still without name.


But there was another job to do: the movie soundtrack to Argentine Filmmaker Fabian Ribezzo´s cartoon “The change”, a movie for Mozambican Government and United Nations dealing with clima change. All Positivo members were enthusistic and worked out the soundtrack within 2 days. Fabian was very happy to return to Maputo with a “fantastic work”, due to his words. Premiere will be around September in Shanghai.


All year 2010 we have been working on the big “salão” in the Casa de Cultura de Inhambane with help of funds from UNESCO, a multi purpose hall for many interests of various art directions in Inhambane, mainly visual arts and music. But the principal idea is combining the big hall with the two smaller rooms beside to create a space that can be used for music recording and training of studio technicians.


Paul McKeon, constructor from England has been responsible for the structural modifications in all of the 3 rooms. While the big hall needed a new floor, a new roof, rehabilitation of walls, doors and windows, the two smaller rooms only lacked of repairs in the roof and techniques for sound absorbtion and reflection. With the help of many interested future users of the studio we concentrated our work in February and March to got the 2 smaller rooms of the studio running. We used mainly local materials (steiras, coco fibres, wood) to achieve a good quality sound for rehearsing and recording. Click here to get some ideas about how we worked it out. Thanks to all the helpers, in first place: Stellio, Aniceto, Max Kamenar, Paul, Mafana Vanga, Zunguza, Lobo…


Juni 6th, 2010

Laka Laka – Lipstick

Legendary performance on the Lipstick-Riddim of the upcoming Laka Laka – Album “Estragado demais”
Aniceto Simbire – bassist of Laka Laka before going do Jilo market having a beer, singing about the ways of Inhambane ladies and lipsticks…
Listen below the photo.
Download here.

isa aniceto und marcelina

March 2010: Die Ter (“Stuwergroover”) from Austrians Original Rockers Band Monomania visited Studio Bom Dia for 3 weeks doing additional recordings for the upcoming Monomania Album.
Thanks to Sacaunhas, Marcelina, Vincent Dupont, Listance Mutukudzi….
All went well until the last week until Dieter and I lay down exhausted with Malaria.


During May 2010 we started recording a new album with the Band “Etyu Kethu” from Inhambane. They are the prime timbila and dance group that rehearse almost every day in the Casa Provincial de Cultura de Inhambane, where also Studio Bom Dia is situated. Doing track by track recording the result is a very powerful mixture of african drums, mozambican timbila and traditional voice performances. Videos must be edited after the conclusion of the recordings in July 2010 in order to capture the strong dance performance of our favourite ladies from the Casa de Cultura. For sure this recording is for international market, as it shows pure mozambican culture and high quality sound recording.

After finishing our work, mp3 examples will be available here on Guten Tag Verlag / Studio Bom Dia.