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Here is the English version of the latest Positivo video, filmed and edited by Clare Knivett (maximum respect for the great work). The 15-min movie shows the making of “Queremos viver” and the final version of the song including a powerful video clip.
Thanks to: Africare, who made this beautiful work possible, to the local artists, that offered all their help and have been trained to continue the Positivo work in the Chimoio area, thanks to Djibra and Tony on the drums and the bass for their help working on the instrumental and prooving again their number one status as a Mozambican rhythm duet, thanks to Paul McKeon for his help in about 120 problematic situations and thanks last but not least to the Positivo team for their never ending enthusiasm and motivation in this unique work.

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Great work! If you have this available on youtube, we’d love to link to you.

    Nicole Eley
    Digital Media, Africare

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