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Ladies and gentleman, some changes have appeared in the Vendetta story, nowadays known as the Resistance Reggae Band….

Jim (Rolando Furioso) has announced to the band that he´ll move to Mozambique to open up a studio in southern Africa, and Tom The Tiger Hornek has his nose full of Reggae.

As Jim is already leaving the country in the beginning of August he will not play on the last gig Resistance will perform.

This gig will take place on the 31st of August at SUPERCIRCUS 07 (I just found out, they stole some Turbodeli Style for their website, especially the bitte scharf stuff) in Niederösterreich … I´m glad to annonce that we could get Josh from mighty Monomania to play the reggae guitar in this concert.

Danny Soft Fucker Ranks said he´d not continue without the harmony section and is ready to go on in one of his more solo orientated projects. after the gig on 31st.
Please check out some of the pictures of their last concert together in Pöttsching, it was a benefit gig for Sista Eve´s Kenia project and was a big success and a nice jam. Backupped by Raymond Walker as we liked it the best and as a special guest from Mozambique HELIO D.

click on the picture below to enter the gallery.

Resistance has been of my favorite Reggae Music.

Don´t cry, the story goes on….

Vienna_June2007 019

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  1. sunshinekiwi Says:

    ROLI wir werden dich schwer vermissen (…reisst uns a loch ins HERZ) – verlieren durch dich einen der genialsten österreichischen Musiker des neuen Jahrtausends… *snief* – aba ist doch für eine gute Sache – wünsch dir das ALLERBESTE &-LIEBSTE – viel GLÜCK !!!

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