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International music production based in Inhambane, Moçambique

Information about activities of Bom Dia, starting off in Dezember 2007


Work on music documentary, fusion of traditional music and contemporary music, promotion of various cultures in accordance with the autonomy and freedom of expression of the artists.

Brief summary of activities of the project

Production of a traditional music CD with the artist Felisberto from Inharrime in Dezember 2006 and January 2007 as a form of traditional music preservation and valorisation. Performances of fusion with temporary music took place in various touristic establishments of  Tofo Beach between 15th  and 31st  of December.

Music workshop and production of 3 songs with the topic of HIV together with 1.500 pupils from the Mungunde Mission in Sofala in the first week of March 2007, resulting in recorded music with educative message for the fight against HIV/AIDS to be played in local radio stations.

Production of a traditional music CD with the female artist Veronica from Buzi District, extraordinary player of Guvurro, a traditional mozambican flute (Recording takes place between 24th and 29th of January)

Live Concert Recording for promoting performances in Europe of Pazedi, major Afro Jazz Band from Maputo, performing 19th March at Gil Vicente Club in Maputo

Production and Promotion of a Music CD based on Dive Tourism and its environmental concerns in coorperation with the Dive Center Diversity Scuba in Tofo and the Tourism Administration of Inhambane with a great impact of traditional local music. (February 2007)

Our aim is a long term activity protecting culural values and promoting traditional artists in Mozambique.
As a next step  we launch a cultural center and music editory in Inhambane together with the municipality of Inhambane and the local community.


Roland Pickl, Music Production and Project Manager, Tel. 29356272

Helio Dias Vanimal, artist working in Inhambane, Cel. 820509530

Felisberto, timbila artist from Inharrime
Cel. 848143300

Veronica, Guvurro artist from Buzi
Contact: Radio Comunitaria Buzi

Sr. Davide, Chefe do Bairro Josina Machel-Inhambane
Cel: 825617174

Sr.Lorenco, Presidente do Municipio de Inhambane
Municipio de Inhambane, Cel:823020340

Thomas Eberherr, Tourism Administration Inhambane
Cel. 829802180

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