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During the Guten Tag Verlag November recording of the Soul Conversation  Album of Sudan (idea and production by Verena Prandstätter) with
Omer Ihasas and the Peace Massengers, available soon on CD in Austria and on Audio Cassette in Sudan, we were very happy to be invited to an traditional meal by lovely people of major hospidality.
Our Guten Tag Verlag journalist was able to capture all steps necessary to have this great dinner, proposing that you are able to buy 15 kg of nile-fish anywhere. If not, try other fish….

wash the fish
prepare 20 balls of muskat making them to powder
prepare garlic like shown
add vinegar, not too much
add also a major amount of green hot chilis
squeeze a bag of lemon
add a bag of cumin, add salt
add a half can of tomato paste and water to get the consitance shown in the picture
the nile-fish is taken now a bath in what you have created before
make big pile of fish
use wheat flour. when you are in Sudan take Australian, it is supposed to be the best you can get there, when you are in Austria take Rauchmehl
make fire
pour oil into a big pot
fry the fish until they are golden-brown

To accompany this great meal we do a kind of salad based on bean paste:
lemon and tomato paste
add bean paste
add a big amount of red chili powder
add a big amount of fresh cut green chili
cut tomato and green salad and mix it with the paste you have just created
enjoy the meal with white bread and lovely friends

Coming up soon in Guten Tag Verlag….
…the new album of Omer Ihsas and the Peace Massengers….
stay tuned


CIMG0388.JPGv.l.n.r Rolando Furioso, Raymond Walker, B. Bong, Tom Hornek, Danny Ranks, Dieter Herndl (sitting), Josef GraslRastafar I

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