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Tonights Show will be outstanding, radical and beautiful. Yesterday was a weird day. After I had gone to the airport to pick up our new band member that would start tomorrows show with a clown performance everything started to get really strange. I started to feel like a character in sin city or maybe also a freak brothers special edition. Let me tell you: Felix, our new born clown, will start up the event on friday, 26. of may at midnight doing his famous performance standing on his self-built guitar doing pantomime. Jey Mendes, already known on the Guten Tag Verlag-Site, will continue with a program of contrasts, talking one´s head off sliding into a bossa nova and samba kind of mental training for the audience at Dobra. Accompanied by a harmonica and a flute singing to the mellow sounds of the spanish guitar the songs will be interpretated by a great dancer, Jonathan, from Bogotá, Colombia, that will act on stage with us for the first time in the history of Turbodeli. Since then, people will already be animated and ready for the rocking Turboshow of The Box and Furioso, doing their thing in the widely-spread and know tunes like “we got the groove” or “ski the mountain”. White overalls being shredded, feathers proplled by powerful ventilation flying towards the audience, fireworks on guitars and crazy visual effects will top the show´s end off and leave back the place set on fire. Don´t miss it…..

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