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Mai 17th, 2006

Lyrics by Julia Warner

Julia was born in Vienna, but raised in New Jersey. She is a great singer, has a marvellous voice and writes lyrics “the way I like it”.

At one nice evening on a beautiful day we met each other and decided to start to wirte.
As a result we produced a nice poem that you can read at her website and another tune that you will hear soon at the gutentagverlag-page (“Wide Wind, carry me back to the blue border, to the wooden saloon, where the whiskey tastes the way I like it”, see the working sheet below…)
I´m really happy to have met her and to have the possibiltiy to record some songs with her in the easy way with voice and guitar.

As soon as we have the stuff we let you know.

Anyway, you must visit her website 

Julia Warner Lyrics - Wide Wind - by Julia Warner and Rolando Furioso.jpg

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